A very curated spot where you will find absolutely every dream you ever had of Wine & Spirits.

Working with the finest brands, selecting the best from each one, according to what they have to say about it. Because we love to learn about our world, and we appreciate the liquid inside of every bottle not as a sale, but as the people that loved it before arriving into our display.

In our boutique, we share history and create an ambiance for you to not only be able to find the most exquisite liquids and gourmet delicacies on our shelves but also to learn a little more about our world. And to make sure that whatever you decide to take with you will be loved and appreciated even before you open it.

We are your one-stop, wine shop. But we are not your regular stop, we will be your favorite one. Even when you are in a hurry.

This place is accessible for everyone, but words have no power to impress the mind of a connoisseur. Instead, they appreciate the experiences, as we do.
What we learned with the last few years, is that the best pairing ever made for uncertain times would be to have at least one exquisite moment of your choice every day, or a million if you can.